Abracadab Lyrics

Ding Dong Howdy
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
Words and Music � Doug Haywood  

I pulled into Cowtown Saturday night
and a little bitty boy helped me putting up the light
to my Medicine Wagon and my Seein� all Screen
He said it was the best thing that he�d ever seen
He said, �What are you doing?�
�What�s your name?�
�Ding Dong Howdy!�
�And the best old time that you�re ever gonna have
is with Ding Dong Howdy and Abracadab!�
O-oh Abracadab, O-oh Ding Dong Howdy
and the best old time that you�re ever gonna have
is with Ding Dong Howdy and Abracadab!

I opened up my show
I sold about a case of my home brewed , �Whoops!�
and I was staring in the face
of a big old sheriff with a waxed mustache
he showed me his badge and then he took away my cash
He said, �What are you doing?�
�What�s your name?�
�Ding Dong Howdy!�
�And the best old time that you�re ever gonna have
is with Ding Dong Howdy and Abracadab!�
O-oh Abracadab, O-oh Ding Dong Howdy
and the best old time that you�re ever gonna have
is with Ding Dong Howdy and Abracadab!

Now they were heatin� up tar, they brought along feathers
I said, � Wait a minute, I can even change the weather!�
Went into my wagon and presented them a cane
pointed at the heavens and it started pouring rain
They said, �How'd you do that?�
�What�s your name?�
�Ding Dong Howdy!�
�And the best old time that you�re ever gonna have
is with Ding Dong Howdy and Abracadab!�
O-oh Abracadab, O-oh Ding Dong Howdy
and the best old time that you�re ever gonna have
is with Ding Dong Howdy and Abracadab!


Most Valuable Player
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
words & music � Minnie O�Leary

I know a kid, used to play on my team
the Most Valuable Player I know
That player wasn�t the best at the game
but to me that kid looked like a pro

Played hard, played fair
Treated other kids with care
and no matter what the scoreboard said
that kid came out a winner
always won the game

We had some games where nothing went right
and we would be badly behind
But that kid kept trying and never gave up
until we were all out of time


Some of us kids think the referee hates us
so once in a while, why not cheat?
But that kid would always play buy the rules
even though we might get beat


Now some of us teammates would make a mistake
by kicking the ball the wrong way
but that kid would never give us a hard time
Just say, �Good try! that�s okay!�


So any time that I play on a team
I want that kid on my side
I know that I can play that way too
It�s finally time that I tried

I�ll play hard I�ll play fair
I�ll treat the other kids with care
and no matter what the scoreboard says
I�ll come out a winner, always win the game


On The Bus
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
Words by Bob Reid and Clara Kralj's class at Elma G. Bradley School
Music by Bob Reid
Copyright � Bob Reid 1985

At three o�clock when school is out I step onto the bus.
Me and the other kids we start to raise a fuss.
The bus driver says, �Quiet!�
and then she starts to write.
�If you kids don�t settle down, I�ll be writing citations all night!�

On the bus (We�re on the bus)
On the bus (We�re on the bus)
On the bus (We�re on the bus)
One�s a warning! Two is trouble! Three you�re out the door!

Now sometimes we get out of hand and she has to stop the bus.
She walks all the way to the back and then she threatens us.
She asks, �Who�s been tracking mud all up and down the seats?�
Then she stops and looks at me and at my muddy feet.

On the bus (We�re on the bus)
On the bus (We�re on the bus)
On the bus (We�re on the bus)
One�s a warning! Two is trouble! Three you�re out the door!

As we drive down Amesti road We all hear a splat.
The bus driver says, �Oh No!� We just got a flat!�
Then she gets out to check it out and to change the tire.
Then we all hear a shout cause the spare isn�t there.

On the bus (We�re on the bus)
On the bus (We�re on the bus)
On the bus (We�re on the bus)
One�s a warning! Two is trouble! Three you�re out the door!

Then she gets back on the radio and tries to get us another bus.
But everybody�s busy, No one can come for us.
So we all take our bubblegum that she won�t let us chew.
And we fix that tire �til it works just as good as new.

On the bus (We�re on the bus)
On the bus (We�re on the bus)
On the bus (We�re on the bus)
One�s a warning! Two is trouble! Three you�re out the door!

The Shirt Song
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
words & music � Tom Hunter

It�s a shirt my grandma gave me for my birthday just last year
It was a little too big for me to wear the sleeves came down to here
But now it fits me pretty good and I�m really getting big
and it�ll be okay when it gets too small, cause we�ll give it to another kid

It�s a tie dye shirt a red plaid shirt a short sleeve long sleeve shirt
It�s a pull over tee shirt
button up the back shirt
Hand me down brand new shirt

You can always tell where I�ve been by looking at my shirt
The gravy�s from last night�s dinner and this here�s just plain dirt
The Catsup came from David�s house, the ice cream�s from the store
And I know it�s time to wash off my shirt when there�s no room for anymore

Well my mom says you can tell a lot
by the shirt�s that people wear
So sometimes I look pretty good
and sometimes I don�t care!
The funniest shirt I ever saw had flowers on the front
Buttons and zippers all over the place and on the back was an elephant

There are shirts I wear to get dressed up and shirts I wear to play
and some of them I really like and some are just okay
The buttons come off now and then, the tail won�t stay tucked in
But my brand new shirt�s my favorite one no matter what shape it�s in



Turkey in the Straw
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
Public Domain

Well I had a little chicken and she wouldn�t lay an egg
So I poured hot water up and down her leg.
Well the little chicken cried and the little chicken begged
and the darned old chicken laid a hard boiled egg.

Well I had a little monkey and his name was Tiny Tim
And I put him in the bathtub just to see if he could swim.
And he drank up all the water and he ate up all the soap
And he tried to eat the bathtub but it wouldn�t fit down his throat.
Mama called the doctor and the doctor called the nurse
and the nurse called the lady with the alligator purse.
Well the monkey ate the doctor and the monkey ate the nurse
and the monkey ate the lady with the alligator purse.

Did you ever go fishing on a hot summer day
and you�re sittin� on a rail and the rail gives away?
With your hands in your pockets and your pockets in your pants
Watchin� the fishes do the Hoochie Kootchie dance.

Did you ever go huntin for a fat bull frog
and you find one sittin� on a bumpety log.
And you yell, �Here�s a frog!� and the frog says, �Nay!�
�I�m a little green birdie with my feathers washed away!�

Well I walked around the corner and I walked around the block.
And I walked right in to a donut shop.
And I pulled up a donut out of the grease.
And I handed the lady a five cent piece.
She looked at the nickel
She looked at me.
She said, �This nickel is no good, you see!�
�It�s got a hole in the middle, all the way through
and I said, �There�s a hole in your donut too!�


Foolish Questions
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
Words by William Lee
Music by A. Baldwin Sloane

Now you�ve all heard the Foolish Questions
And you�ve no doubt wondered why
Some person will ask a Foolish Question
and expect a sensible reply
Like when you take your girl some candy,
Say maybe just after tea
The first thing she�ll ask is
�Is that for me?�

Foolish Questions! You might as well reply
�No I bought this candy for your Ma or Pa!� or �It�s for some other guy!�
�I just thought you�d like to see it, Now I�m gonna take it away.�
Now wasn�t that a Foolish Question?
You�ll hear �em every day

Now then there�s this fellow
who is always hanging around the place
He watches you take your shaving brush
and start to lather up your face
And as you give the razor a preliminary wave
This fellow will walk up to you and ask,
�Are you gonna shave?�

Foolish Questions! Your answer is, I hope,
�Nope! I�m not prepared for shavin�, I just like the taste of soap!�
I kinda like to take the shaving brush and paint myself up this way
Now wasn�t that a Foolish Question? You�ll hear �em everyday!

Now then there�s this fella who meets you on your way
And asks you why your all dressed up and listens while you say
That you just been returning from the funeral of poor old brother Ned
�Is Ned Dead?�

Foolish Questions! You hang your head and moan,
�No, he thought he�d have the funereal now and die later on.�
�Ned was always so original, he would�ve wanted it that way.�
Now wasn�t that a Foolish Question? You�ll hear �em everyday!

Now suppose the elevator guy should forget to close the door
And you should tumble down oh say forty-seven floors
And when you reach the bottom and you�re lying there inert
Some fool will come walking up and ask, �Are you hurt?�

Foolish Questions! Your dying words are,
�No! I was in an awful hurry and that elevator�s just too slow
�Usually saves a lot of time, You know, Coming down this way
Now wasn�t that a Foolish Question? You�ll hear �em everyday!
Now I was walking across the playground I had my ball and I had my net
I was thinkin� about spikin� and I was planning how to set
And this fellow walks up to me, he was kinda slim and kinda tall
He looks at what I was carrying and he asks, �Are you gonna play volleyball?�

Foolish Questions! I looked at him and laughed I said, �Nope! I�m goin� huntin�
�I�m gonna catch me somethin� wild!�
�I�m gonna wrap it in the net and beat it with the ball, I�ve caught a lot that way!�
Now wasn�t that a Foolish Question? You�ll hear �em everyday!
That was a Foolish Question? You�ll hear �em everyday!


The Pelican Song
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
Words by Bob Reid & Connie Green's 4th grade class
Music by Bob Reid
copyright � Bob Reid  1985

Flying through the mist
Diving down for fish
People like to stare
at the Pelicans in the air

I go down to the beach
where I get sandy feet
Watching the Pelicans fly around
Without the slightest sound


They fly South to nest
They don't fly East or West
Watchin' their babies hatch
Thinkin' of the fish they'll catch


Living by the sea is not as easy as it used to be
Why don't people care about the Pelicans in the air?



From Bob Reid with Abracadab
Words & music � Bob Reid  1985

Water, Water Everywhere and not a drop to spare
Water in the ground, Water in the air
Though it may evaporate it never goes away
It snows on top the mountain, melts and flows into the bay

Animals need water, People need it too
Keep it clean for me and I�ll keep it clean for you (2x)

Now you can take a shower in it, You can wash your hair
You can wash your clothes or wash your teddy bear
Really clean water is gettin� kinda rare
If we want to keep it, People have to care!

Animals need water, People need it too
Keep it clean for me and I�ll keep it clean for you (2x)

Now water is rain, Water�s a flood
Water turns dirt into mud
Sometime water�s blue, Sometimes water�s green
Sometimes water�s dirty and sometimes water�s clean

Animals need water, People need it too
Keep it clean for me and I�ll keep it clean for you (2x)

Now they say the ocean�s filling up with stuff like DDT
It shows up in the fish and then in you and me
If we drink too much of it we�ll wind up in bed
If we drink enough of it we may wind up dead!

Animals need water, People need it too
Keep it clean for me and I�ll keep it clean for you
Animals need water, People need it too
Keep it clean for me and I�ll keep it clean for you(3x)  


Pac-Man Fever
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
Words by Bob Reid and Bob Levy�s 4th grade class
Music by Bob Reid
copyright � Bob Reid 1985

I�ve got a pocketfull of quarters and I walked down to the arcade.
(Arcade! Yeah the Arcade!)
Put a token in the slot Now I�ve really got it made.
(Got it made! Yeah got it made!)
Both fingers on the buttons and I started blasting away.
(Blast Away! Yeah, Blast away!)

I�ve got Pac man Fever (Pac Man Fever)
With both hands on the lever (Hands on the lever)
Tempest Shock (Tempest Shock)
I love Centipede Rock

I�m gettin� pretty hot so I did a flip-flop.
(Flip-flop! Yeah a Flip-flop)
I�m gettin pretty good at rolling the old score up
(And up and up and up!)
I�m not gonna stop until I get my initials at the top
(At the top! Yeah, at the top!)


I got here this morning and I�ll be here �til tonight
(Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!)
My eyes are gettin� glassy and my minds not workin� right
(Workin� Right! Yeah Working right!)
I�ve gotta get out of here if it takes all of my might
(All my might! Yeah, All my might!)



A Place in the Choir
From Bob Reid With Abracadab
Words & Music� Bill Staines

All God's Critters got a place in the choir
Some sing low Some sing higher
Some sing out loud on the telephone wire
Some just clap their hands or paws or anything they got now

Listen to the bass it's the one on the bottom
when the bullfrog croaks and the hippopotamus
moans and groans with a big to-do and the old cow just goes moo


The dogs and the cats they take up the middle
While the bullfrog croaks and the cricket fiddles
The donkey brays and the pony neighs
And the old coyote howls

Listen to the top where the little bird sings
on the melody with the high notes ringing
The hoot owl hollers over everything
And the jay bird disagrees


Singing in the night time singing in the day
The little duck quacks and he's on his way
The possum ain't got much to say
And the porcupine talks to himself

It's a simple song of living sung everywhere
By the fox and the ox and the grizzly bear
The grumpy alligator and the hawk above
The sly raccoon and the turtle dove



Walk Don't Run
From Bob Reid With Abracadab
Words by Bob Reid, Jere Canote, Greg Canote, Megan Merker
Music by Bob Reid
copyright � Bob Reid 1985

Walk Don't Run
'Cause fallin' ain't fun
When you run in the hall people might fall
When you run in the field the grass is your shield
It's safer for us all when we walk in the hall

I was runnin down the hall and I slipped on a pickle
It didn't hurt much but it sure didn't tickle
The next day I ran and I bumped into a man
The man fell into garbage can

Walk Don't Run
'Cause fallin' ain't fun
When you run in the hall people might fall
When you run in the field the grass is your shield
It's safer for us all when we walk in the hall

I was racin' down the corridor wishin' and a hopin'
As I ran through that a door wouldn't open
Just then a door becoame the opposite of closed
I smashed into the door and I busted up my nose

Walk Don't Run
'Cause fallin' ain't fun
When you run in the hall people might fall
When you run in the field the grass is your shield
It's safer for us all when we walk in the hall

Now it's plain to see it isn't safe to run on cement
or you might be wondering where your teeth up and went
I know sometimes it's difficult to keep from runnin' fast
But it's hard to run the bases with your leg in a cast

Walk Don't Run
'Cause fallin' ain't fun
When you run in the hall people might fall
When you run in the field the grass is your shield
It's safer for us all when we walk in the hall

Mrs. Murphy�s Chowder
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
Traditional (3rd verse by Mike Jones 3rd grade class)

Ice cream, cold cream, benzine, gasoline,
Soup beans, string beans, floatin� all around
Spongecake, beefsteak, mistake, stomach-ache
Cream puffs, earmuffs many to be found
Silkhats, doormats, bedslats, democrats
cocobell, doorbells beckon you to dine
Meatballs, fishballs, mothballs, cannonballs
Come on in! The chowder�s fine!

Won�t you bring back, Won�t you bring back,
Mrs. Murphy�s Chowder
It was tuneful every spoonful made you yodel louder
After dinner Uncle Ben
used to fill his fountain pen
From a bowl of Mrs. Murphy�s Chowder


Won�t you bring back, Won�t you bring back,
Mrs. Murphy�s Chowder
From each helping you�ll be yelping for a headache powder
If you had it where we are
You might find a Datsun Car
In a bowl of Mrs. Murphy�s Chowder


Won�t you bring back, Won�t you bring back,
Mrs. Murphy�s Chowder
What a winner, after dinner, a chef could not be prouder
After flying overhead
The flies would all drop dead
from smelling some of Mrs� Murphy�s Chowder


Won�t you bring back, Won�t you bring back,
Mrs. Murphy�s Chowder
You can stack it,You can rack it all along the larder
The plumber died today
They embalmed him right away
In a bowl of Mrs. Murphy�s Chowder




The Whale Song
From Bob Reid with Abracadab
Words by Bob Reid and Phil Olivier�s 6th grade class
Music by Bob Reid
copyright � Bob Reid1985

When you feed your dog
Put powder on your eyes
Color on your lips
Somewhere a whale cries.

For years they have been slain as they�ve wandered through the sea
They�re dragged up to the beach and they lie there helplessly.


You can go to the beach anytime you want to se�em
But if some people get their way you�ll have to go the museum.


Sometimes it is said that a whale is better dead.
But I know that�s not true, cause whale have feelings too!

They say that human beings have a well developed brain.
But if we kill the whales, They�ll think we�ve gone insane



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His annual WAR ranking among first basemen: 2014th 2015th Wholesale Jerseys At his best, maybe he's a borderline top-10 first Cheap Jerseys When Amar'e asked us to retire as a Knick, we were honored to oblige. He lowered his release point 2015 and traded sink on his change and slider for horizontal movement. He and Olsen are expected to be the two main pass-catchers now. While not the best stats, his production started to pick up late the when he became a starter for the injured .
1996, Detlef and his wife formed The Detlef Schrempf Foundation as a result of their belief the value of a solid family life, and the desire to give back to a community Cheap Jerseys has given them much. A terrific athlete, Armstead signed with Arkansas-Pine Bluff because it was the only school that would allow him to Cheap Jerseys From China both football and track. Holt Cheap Jerseys along a ledge of the City Connection Friday, . Oakland, however, doesn't give a what I think. But as was streaking down the field, a flag was sitting at the line of scrimmage.

Heyman of Sports reported early December that 's searching for a one-year contract and that 15 teams have shown interest him. Game 5 of the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals, Stephenson, charged with guarding LeBron , went with unusual tactic to slow down the game's best player.
At that point its history, the story said, Authentic Doug Flutie Jersey A.C. But isn't worried Michal Rozsival Womens Jersey his nephew adjusting to a foreign offense, one that Jerian acknowledged sounds mysterious. The Wizards intend to be at the forefront of finding out.

When MLB's 2016 Spring Training rolled around, however, Laroche did decide to attend camp with his Chicago White Authentic Jussi Jokinen Jersey - after all, who would pass up the whopping $13 million paycheck Laroche receives for each ?

Rodon said he looks up to Sale because the two share several similarities, then laughed while pointing out those similarities 't include body types. The Titans faced a third-and-13 from their 3-yard Authentic Craig Mager Jersey at Mark Scheifele Womens Jersey two-minute warning. CAREER BOWL GAMES: Had five tackles four bowl . McKinney looks like above-average NFL inside linebacker who could Authentic Zemgus Girgensons Jersey part of a really good defense. Unlike a false start penalty there was no 10-second run-off Brown still had a to kick, albeit from 54-yards out. His contact rate and strikeout rate have improved, but he's sacrificed power the process.

Nothing was wrong, though. He's doing fine. We were led to ponder that maybe God is working through the challenges the world. The Cardinals not make a run 2017. 's time net, playing every Cheap Jerseys From China with no backup, began to Wholesale NFL Jerseys on his body, as he suffered through numerous injuries and Jerseys Supply bouts of depression during his Basketball Jerseys Custom time Detroit. Stafford simply needs to escape the rush and run or more likely, throw the ball away.

A dark-gray phone icon. However, it's not like the Avs are Cheap Jerseys For Sale particularly plush with forward depth. Eventually, Robinson got his way. He has been a key member Wholesale Jerseys All of hiring committees for the following positions: Head Football , Head Men's Basketball , Cheap NFL Jerseys Women's Basketball , Head Men's Soccer , Director Cheap Jerseys Game Day Operations, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications, and numerous graduate assistant positions. As you'd expect from , the music is a Cheap NBA Jerseys From China stew of rock, Latin, blues, jazz and African rhythms. Mon, 20 Jul 2015 Fantasy Tip: Norwood could potentially push Caldwell for a spot as the No. Zach notched his third shorthanded goal of the for the Leafs -- a record for a Toronto rookie.

total, he went 3 the post- as he helped the Dodgers to their first World Championship since 1965. then offered a milder form of protest by sending the lefthanded Mattingly out to play second base and putting pitcher Ron Guidry centerfield when play resumed. That is necessary not just to resolve roster excess, but to get under the cap. Sabathia began the Cheap Jerseys From China 6 with a 3 18 starts.

They meet and fall ... It may be, as J.T. Thomas Jersey that Napoli is just biding Authentic Mark Barron Jersey time and waiting to see if some other club blows him away before going ahead and signing what I'd wager be a one year deal with the Rangers. When it comes to injuries, they set you back for awards like that. had seven tackles and a key half sack against ... He started Authentic Andrew Billings Jersey 7 loss to the London Knights but was pulled after allowing 5 goals on 21 shots. Funny how Lucic gets off after punching a ref.
Despite the loss of from the nickel corner competition, there is still a plethora of competition for Diggs to fight through once training camp rolls around later this . It's Andre Hal Jersey to be one of those nights where those are friends that last Saturday I was still playing with the outdoor classic. is considered a popular sports figure , Michael Schofield Womens Jersey and respectively, and is also noted for Kayvon Webster Jersey humanitarian and charity work.

Hit .330 with runners scoring position ...

As a 27-year-old starting pitcher, doesn't have that type of gas, but he has Tre Boston Jersey that Andre Roberts Jersey doesn't need it. That player was Pete Rose. When you look at his statistics you can why Odhiambo got the nod despite the injury. When he's not writing or tweeting about the Redskins, he loves to discuss music, fashion and his alma Darqueze Dennard Jersey – Arizona State. Rielly's three-game point streak ended while fourth-line winger remains the only Leafs skater not to get Wesley Woodyard Jersey least one point far. CINCINNATI -- Joey Votto certainly gets it.

Right now, like I said, we got to be ‘next up.' The 26 Marian Hossa Jersey old Steen is that next up. When I say that I'm not talking about out a Authentic Johnny Unitas Jersey here or day-to-day minor ailment, he's susceptible to a severe injury. At least Maloney settled a few matters under his control at the Draft. was charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and pulling a false fire alarm. Why hadn't already done that? If that wasn't enough, Westbrook found Oladipo again, this time for a 3-pointer from the top of the key with 1 left that nearly blew the roof off Chesapeake Energy Arena and put exclamation mark on the Thunder's best win of the .

I have mother to support. The Blues aren't necessarily a transition year, but the change of focus to the younger players can be felt. Goff threw to underwhelming group of receivers, Darren O'Day Womens Jersey snaps behind inferior offensive line and ran a scheme that didn't function properly, regardless of the quarterback. As he was drifting to his right from the fake, he centered himself before throwing a 25 yard pass to Kelce, who was running -route from the right hash to the left sideline. He needs to get stronger. Also, , you Authentic Mitch Unrein Jersey Pagan is going to hit second, just deal with Christopher Gibson Jersey It is clear that the Seahawks team philosophy of Always Compete extends to video game trash talking. I guess he doesn't learn. When I it, I just smile and know I left on the game. Thankfully, the Joe Thuney Youth Jersey Sam Koch Jersey Bucks have already played their regular north of the border.

He'd retired at age 34 - premature by some standards - with no clear game plan. Ott was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame 1951.

It's not like he's a , said. Had 1 all-purpose yards as a senior. That's a part of what makes him a unique football player, and obviously with the opportunity he has, I'm sure he's going to take full advantage of nfl jackets with all team logos Watch a preseason game which he's playing with the first-string offense to see that he has no command over his line or his ajax Jersey away It's green bay packers Jersey for kids thread that links people together. AP Photo There are places that can wholesale nevada wolf pack Jerseys pizza like home to people who have never lived there before, mostly because certain elements combine football socks for youth make them feel comfortable. He 2017 nike houston rockets Jerseys named to the Freshman All-SEC squad for his efforts .