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I have long wanted to gather a list of sources of "good stuff," good children's music, inspiring books and writings, valuable web sites, etc. Here is the beginnings of my list of Good Stuff. Enjoy!

Books Quote of the Moment
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The Education Of Little Tree
by Forrest Carter
This is one of the most beautiful, intense books I have ever read. I am grateful to Steve Schuch, of New Hampshire, who first shared it with me. Bonnie and I quoted from it at our wedding! There are few books I have enjoyed reading aloud as much as this one. It'll take you from belly laughs to tears in nothing flat.

".. and the love between the singer, who sings the song well, and truly, and the audience who has been waiting for the song and knows it when they hear it, is a true love." Malvina Reynolds

Why I Teach Music

Gross National Product


From the Back of the Bus 
(Stories - Bill Harley)

Grownups are Strange 
(Stories - Bill Harley)

We're All Americans 
(Songs - David Grover video/CD)

Dumbing Us Down (John Taylor Gatto) 
The Underground History of American Education (John Taylor Gatto) 
The Quality School (William Glasser)

Political MLK, Jr. RFK

Orders to Kill (William Pepper)

Here's an article on the Carlisle Group. Interesting reading!

Martin Luther King, Jr. 
We must be careful that we do not allow some of our greatest people to be redefined into irrelevant personalities whose thoughts and beliefs have nothing to do with our current world. If you read, or better yet, listen to the words of these people, you will have your own experience of who they were, and perhaps why they were killed.


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